Eyelash Extensions FAQ

How Long Does A Lash Service Take ?

This all depends on the set option you book a Natural Mink Classic full set can take up from 1.5 hr to 2 hrs. Where a Glamorous Mink Hybrid or Luxury Mink Volume full set can take from 2 to 3 hrs. At 2-3 weeks there should be about 50% of your extensions remaining this is ideal time to get a fill in. Fill in done at 50% extension remaining should expect the service to take half the time of the full set ranging from 1hr to 1.5 hr to complete.


Do Extension Make Your Natural Lashes Fall Out?

Absolutely not! I like to say if you don't have them I can't lash them LOL. Truthfully, extensions do not make you lose your natural lashes they are applied individually to each lash in a sanitary non damaging way. It is my business to make sure your lashes are well taken care of and are always in a healthy state.This is part of the reason why each lash set is custom to you.


How Does Lash Styling Work?

Every set is custom to you meaning the lengths, diameter, and curl of the lashes are all custom to your lash goals and what is healthy for your natural lashes. Lash styles are the different styles used to complete a full set for example rounding lash style where the longest lengths are in the center of the eye or cat eye style where the length gradually get longer making the longest lengths at the out corner of the eye. Style all depends on what you like and what is most ideal for your eye shape. Any style can be applied to any full set option.


When Should I Get A Fill In and How Do I Care For My Lashes?

A fill in appointment should be done every 2-3 weeks. Natural Mink Classic set can go up to 4 weeks with proper care and at least 40% of lashes left. Glamorous Mink Hybrid or Luxury Mink Volume Mink fill in can go up to 21 days with proper care and 50% of lashes remaining.

Care for your lashes by brushing with a lash wand daily and cleansing them daily with the Lashed By Shay Foam Cleanser. Aftercare kit is available for purchase it includes our foam cleanser, our reusable gentle cleansing brush, and on the go lash wand. After your service is complete you will receive an aftercare email within 24hrs with detailed instruction on Does and Don't for your lashes.


Every lash set is custom to you and no two sets are the same. Ideally you should understand that no one can have same exact set or have two sets look exactly the same , as each feature is different ei. eye shape, state of your natural lashes, length of natural lashes,and etc.